Gentlemen Now 20-Year-Old

Loudster Co | October 06, 2013 - 5:06 am

The Afghan Whigs fourth studio album Gentlemen is celebrating its 20 years anniversary this week since released in October 5, 1993. The album produced by the Cincinnati based band frontman itself, Greg Dulli after signing to major label, Elektra Records, after leaving Sub Pop.
Gentlemen received positive reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone magazine, critics would go on to praise it for its unflinching, self-flagellating lyrics and a decisive stylistic break with the grunge style epitomized by Nirvana and Mudhoney. Greg Dulli’s lyrics immediately set about the task of emotional self-evisceration at the same time, with lines like “Ladies, let me tell you about myself -- I got a dick for a brain” being among the calmer points. The album truly comes into its own with “When We Two Parted,” though, as sad countryish guitars chime over a slow crawling rhythm and Dulli’s quiet-then-anguished detailing of an exploding relationship. Gentlemen proved to be The Afghan Whigs’ most commercially successful release. The singles “Debonair” (a Modern Rock Top 20 hit) and “Gentlemen” received regular airplay on MTV and college radio; another album track, “Fountain and Fairfax,” also appeared on the television series My So-Called Life in 1994. The lead vocals on “My Curse” were sung not by Dulli but female singer Marcy Mays of Columbus indie trio, Scrawl – allegedly because the lyrics documenting the violent dissolution of a relationship were so personal, Dulli couldn’t sing it.

Gentleman Tracklist:
1. “If I Were Going”
2. “Gentlemen”
3. “Be Sweet”
4. “Debonair”
5. “When We Two Parted”
6. “Fountain and Fairfax”
7. “What Jail Is Like”
8. “My Curse” (sung by Marcy Mays of Scrawl)
9. “Now You Know”
10. “I Keep Coming Back
11. “Brother Woodrow/Closing Prayer”

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