Cameron Crowe Reveals Lost Footage of Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain Together

Loudster Co | September 09, 2011 - 12:20 pm

 'Pearl Jam Twenty' is an upcoming film by the band being directed by Cameron Crowe. While digging through the video archives, he found a bit of footage that surprised and delighted him, confirming a story that had become a bit of an urban legend. He brought the proof to 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on NBC.

 As background, Crowe said, "I think the musicians all knew each other, but Kurt and Eddie Vedder had a little bit of a back and forth thing going on in the press. They also were friends on the side."

 The footage he found was from the 1992 Video Music Awards, and showed a candid and somewhat odd moment of warmth the two men shared.

 "While Eric Clapton is playing 'Tears in Heaven' at the VMAs," Crowe said. "Kurt and Eddie have a moment below the stage where they slow dance."

 He couldn't believe he'd found the footage, and yet was touched by the genuine warmth the two men shared, and that it was a moment they could share out of the media spotlight. While it wasn't as pervasive then as it is now, it was still difficult for stars of their status to get completely away from the spotlight.

Watch the footage below.

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