[WATCH] Nirvana – “Scentless Apprentice” + “Heart-Shaped Box” Live And Loud DVD

Loudster Co | September 18, 2013 - 7:26 am

Nirvana to celebrate 20th anniversary of their last album In Utero, with the re-release of the album on September 24, 2013. The reissue will feature more than 70 remastered and live recordings from the bands influential years. One of them will be Live And Loud DVD concert. The DVD features the recorded version of their December 13th 1993 concert at Pier 48, Seattle, Washington for MTV broadcast. The DVD will be packaged with the super deluxe edition of the In Utero re-release and will also be availabe as a separate release. Watch the video of them performing “Scentless Apprentice” and “Heart-Shaped Box” from the DVD below:

The track listing of the Live And Loud DVD:
"Radio Friendly Unit Shifter"
"Drain You"
"Serve the Servants"
"Rape Me"
"Pennyroyal Tea"
"Scentless Apprentice"
"All Apologies"
"Heart-Shaped Box"
 "The Man Who Sold the World" (David Bowie)
"Come as You Are"
"About a Girl"
"Endless, Nameless"

DVD bonus tracks:
"Very Ape" (Live & Loud rehearsal)
"Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" (Live & Loud rehearsal)
 "Rape Me" (Live & Loud rehearsal)
"Pennyroyal Tea" (Live & Loud rehearsal)
"Heart-Shaped Box" (Original Music Video and Director's Cut)
"Rape Me" (Live on Nulle Part Ailleurs – Paris, France)
"Pennyroyal Tea" (Live on Nulle Part Ailleurs – Paris, France)
 "Drain You" (Live on Nulle Part Ailleurs – Paris, France)
"Serve the Servants" (Live on Tunnel – Rome, Italy)
"Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" (Live in Munich, Germany)
"My Best Friend's Girl" (Ric Ocasek) (Live in Munich, Germany)
"Drain You" (Live in Munich, Germany)

In Utero: 20th Anniversary Edition reissue is out on 9/24/2013 via Universal. Buy on iTunes/Amazon

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