Show Review: Switchfoot Live in KL, Malaysia 2011

Loudster Co | May 01, 2011 - 12:51 pm

 Anyway on May 1, 2011, Labour Day in Kuala Lumpur would be a sweet memory for all the major rock fan as the boys from San Diego, California, SWITCHFOOT did not fail to rock the house with their hits such as ‘Dare You to Move, Stars, We Are One Tonight’ and many more.

 The band is always an inspiration as the music they produce is simply amazing. The band’s lead singer, Jon Foreman is an astounding singer and performer. Kuala Lumpur is really blessed to have them again after 3 years. They last rocked Kuala Lumpur in 2008.

  1. The Sound

  2. Stars

  3. Gone

  4. Your Love Is a Song

  5. Free

  6. Always

  7. Awakening

  8. Meant to Live

  9. Mess of Me

  10. Learning to Breathe

  11. This Is Home

  12. Needle and Haystack Life

  13. Hello Hurricane

  14. Only Hope

  15. Dare You to Move 


  16. We Are One Tonight

  17. The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

 The opening band for the concert was Busco or known as Bus Company.

 At the very start, Switchfoot made known what their ‘Sound’ was all about; it’s not about superficial ‘Stars’ or fleeting fads and temporary highs. After all, it will all be ‘Gone’ sooner or later. They had a good mix of their all time hits from back in the day like ‘Chem 6A’, ‘We Are One Tonight’ and ‘Learning To Breathe’.

Jon Foreman

 Jon, in all sincerity, said “Aku cinta padamu,” but without cheesy additions addressing the ladies like most other artists, trying to score extra brownie points. All pretences out the door, they told the crowd that our love is felt and that ‘This is Home’. Imagine the delight of fans. 

 So, has it seeped into your minds that you are ‘Meant To Live’ for so much more? They ‘Dare You To Move’, so now it’s your turn to decide what steps to take in order to make this ‘Needle and Haystack Life’ meaningful and not to despair when you take a tumble because ‘The Shadow Proves the Sunshine’. ‘Only Hope’, and eventually you’ll be ‘Free’. 

 ‘Meant To Live’

'Only Hope'

 Overall, it was a solid show that provided somewhat of a spiritual plug-in with many euphoric parts. Switchfoot, ‘Your Love Is A Song’ that reaches out and bridges gaps inadvertently formed by race, religion and denominations. Thanks for being an inspiration and making a difference!

 Take note that the love and appreciation goes both ways. KL will ‘Always’ be in Switchfoot’s hearts for there were so many positive tweets from the band after the show:
@JonForeman: “We love you Malaysia, thanks for an incredible night! You're beautiful- thanks for lifting up your voices with ours!”
@Switchfoot: “Wow, Malaysia! One of my favorite shows ever...”
@Switchfoot: “Wow. The mighty KL was a force to be reckoned with. One of my favorite crowds of the tour! We love you KL, -Tim”

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